What ChinaWest Does

Global Business Solutions group (GBS)
ChinaWest’s Global Business Solutions group (GBS) facilitates international projects, provides counsel, strategic development and consulting for companies international supply chain. CHINAWEST utilizes its members’ unique relationships and expertise in international trade, transportation, logistics, market development, sourcing and financial services. Our goal is to target these resources to meet our customers objectives in the U.S., China and Globally.

Non-Profit Activities

China West's non-profit division provides support and awareness of important charity organizations and activities across the globe.  Please visit us here!


China West will work in partnership with businesses operating between the U.S. and China by providing resources to improve, develop or implement new opportunities.


To improve communications, ChinaWest will provide assistance to communications companies (print, electronic, events) involving transportation, logistics, procurement, regulatory and ocean.  ChinaWest will also work with business, government and individuals in bringing cultural events to the U.S. from China and from the U.S. to China.

Project Management

Global Supply Chain Project Management will be staffed and lead by using the expertise of GBS management team and resources.

Logistics Planning

A major function of GBS is the review, analysis and implementation of a continuous flow supply management organization.  Logistics Planning is the coordination of all elements in the movement of products from inception through the to the end user.   Benefits are: Lower inventory, better delivery quality, reduced out of stock, customer satisfaction and lower working capital requirements.

Supply Chain Management

GBS can provide analysis, strategy, recommendation improvements and contract management for companies Global Supply Chain.  GBS can also provide assistance in global staffing of the operations organization in both domestic and international markets.


GBS will identify suppliers, work with known production companies, provide research and assist customers to source raw material and products in China, international and U.S. markets.  These markets are specific to international trade.

Many Western Importers continue to rely on one or more intermediaries to procure their components and finished goods from China, adding time and costs to delivery.  Let ChinaWest help you streamline supply and reduce costs.

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Transportation Planning

GBS will review and establish service and price agreements with transportation carriers such as: express, parcel,  LTL/LCL, TL/FCL, airfreight, rail and inter-model.  The negotiation of these agreements is in conjunction with the customer and GBS works on their behalf.  Analysis of transportation services can be provided and recommendations can be presented that involve improvements in the Supply Chain.  We find that most buyers of transportation sercices do not have a defined and broadly understood Transportation Strategy.  If this is the case with your firm, please read on...

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Ocean Contract Negotiation & Contract Management

GBS has unique expertise in the area of ocean contract negotiations and ongoing maintenance of established agreements.  The agreements not only provide for total fully landed cost savings but assurance that quality services will be provided by the ocean carriers.

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Government Relations

China West LLC assists U.S. and overseas clients by lobbying for market access, international trade disputes, free trade and the resolution of trade disputes.  With offices in Washington, DC, Brussels and Beijing, we are able to use our experience and contacts to maximize client support and success.  China West advocates for clients globally.

Product Development, Regulatory & Project Management

ChinaWest employs highly trained & qualified in these key areas where success is a must.

ChinaWest provides consulting services in product development, regulatory complianceprocess development, and project management for the dietary supplement, pharmaceuticals, functional food, and personal care industries.  

Our consultants are senior level, high achieved experts, well known for their in-depth knowledge and profound experience in the subject matter fields.


Our mission is to help our clients to increase business opportunities and competitive advantages, improve profitability through our cost-effective and result-oriented consulting services.

Consulting Services

GBS will provide the expertise and resources to analysis international supply management for businesses entering a market or looking to improve or benchmark existing markets.  These service are targeted to goods moving between China, the U.S. and Global Markets.

Business Facilitation

China West's Global Business Solutions (GBS) works closely with customers by providing supply chain management research and consultation, international expertise and communications. These services are for businesses desiring to enter international markets or make improvements in their existing markets.