What ChinaWest Does

Ocean Contract Negotiation & Contract Management

GBS has unique expertise in the area of ocean contract negotiations and ongoing maintenance of established agreements.  The agreements not only provide for total fully landed cost savings but assurance that quality services will be provided by the ocean carriers.

Our Principals have broken new ground in successfully negotiating preformanced based Service Contracts with financial penalties, and rewards, assed to the Carriers' based on agreed Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). 

Along with this we have developed an easy to use Non-conformance Reporting System (NCR System) that facilitates the reporting of Service Failures to the Carriers in a timely manner.  This allows the Carriers to quickly identify the root cause of the failure permitting swift corrective action that results in prevention of future such failures.  We have seen cases where the incidents of service failures have reduced as much as 70% in less than a year.

We have found in too many cases shippers assume that only base ocean and airfreight rates are negotiable and other charges, surcharges, terminal charges (in the U.S. and abroad), fuel charges, etc. are "untouchable".  We have been extremely successful in negotiating truly All Inclusive Rates (AI Rates) where the single AL rate is the only payment.

Invite us to confidentially review your air and ocean contracts.  You may very well be amazed at how much money we can save your firm.