What ChinaWest Does

Transportation Planning

GBS will review and establish service and price agreements with transportation carriers such as: express, parcel,  LTL/LCL, TL/FCL, airfreight, rail and inter-model.  The negotiation of these agreements is in conjunction with the customer and GBS works on their behalf.  Analysis of transportation services can be provided and recommendations can be presented that involve improvements in the Supply Chain.  We find that most buyers of transportation sercices do not have a defined and broadly understood Transportation Strategy.  If this is the case with your firm, please read on...

Do all or most of your Service Contracts, Ground, Air, Parcel and Ocean expire around the same timeframe?  They do not have to; spreading them out can be done and will reduce your exposure. 

Do you have defined and widely understood contingency plans in place for such events as:

  • A Strike or Lockout at a major Port Complex?  Even if your cargo does not pass through the Port itself, they will likely be affected.
  • Do you know globally and regionally what is considered "desirable" cargo by your carriers?  This knowledge can provide you considerable leverage.
  • What will be the impact be on your business if the proposed trucking changes at the Ports of Los Angeles - Long Beach are enacted?  Are you prepared?  Do you have a plan?